Bachelor of Creative Arts - Visual Arts
You Will Always Contradict Me
by Ella Bambrook
Ella Bambrook is a multidisciplinary artist that works across an array of experimental mediums to reflect on her experiences as a woman in today’s world. Ella’s work is informed by her encounters with Australia’s medical system and critiques its neglect and lack of understanding of the female body and psyche while struggling with physical and mental health issues. It more broadly engages with academic research and anecdotal evidence provided by other female-bodied individuals who have experienced similar health malpractices, while also living sexually liberated and empowered lives. Ella’s practice is in constant evolution, and transforms with each artwork, taking a focus on which materials speak to the subject and context of the work.
About this work
In “You Will Always Contradict Me”, Ella reflects on her conflicted feelings towards the use of the contraceptive pill in modern medicine. The piece reveals the constant turmoil of being situated between sexual liberation and medicated control and communicates her doubt about the pill’s over-prescription as a blanket method of treatment for women’s health issues. “There is this revolving conflict, where I am unsure whether to despise the contraceptive pill for its patriarchal and misogynistic tendencies, or to appreciate the advances in pain reduction, choice and freedom it has provided.”
Textiles, contraceptive pill packets, besser blocks, rope and clay (approx.) 1m (wide) x 3m (long) x 3m (high)


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