Bachelor of Creative Arts - Photography
Knock Knock, That’s Me
by Jaideep Singh
My name is Jaideep Singh, and I am a freelance photographer. I am an artist who loves to explore and experiment with new aspects in photography. I have recently been exploring Human Body through my pictures. I have always been clicking pictures my whole life, but only recently I have started to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to create something completely new and different for me. Trying something new has made me more confident in my work and has given me hunger to try new things and never stop learning.
Hero Image final
About this work
In this series of Fashion portraits, my main objective was to reveal the persona of the Model by basically not using her face and instead clicking pictures of her different body parts, adding one of her identity traits in each of them. The use of colours played a great factor in every photograph as that was the thing which separated them yet merged them into a series. I have always been into clicking the ‘Perfect portrait’ by using the rules of photography. However, in this project I decided to throw all the rules out of the window and just play and experiment with it.
Digital Photograph A4


Promotional Image 1 final
Promotional Image 2 final
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