Bachelor of Creative Arts - Photography
Gallery Wall
by Kat Vonic
Kat is a Melbourne-based artist working primarily with alternative photographic processes to re-imagine urban and suburban landscapes. Having completed their Diploma of Visual Arts at RMIT in 2017, they are currently undertaking their Bachelor of Creative Arts (Photography) at Deakin University.
About this work
Gallery Wall (2022) is a series of inkjet prints and found objects exploring the notion of ‘nostalgia for the present’ and the instant camera’s ability to evoke nostalgia through imperfections such as soft-focus, vignetting, saturated colors, and other visual artefacts typical of film. The images document details found outside homes in Melbourne’s inner-northern suburbs, utilizing formal visual elements including color, line, and pattern to contribute to a nostalgic mood. The work is informed by the paintings of Howard Arkley and the writing by Chris McAuliffe detailing the history of Australian art in suburbia.
Photography Approx. 6 frames of varying sizes from roughly 65x45cm max. to 20x20cm min.


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