Bachelor of Creative Arts - Visual arts
Pittura Grottesca
by Leah Mosca Edwards
About this work
Inspired by the macabre intrusive thoughts often associated with anxiety and paranoia disorders, these two headgear designs are modelled after drawings and models of the human heart and ribcage. The designs are collectively titled ‘Pittura Grottesca’ the root phrase for the term ‘grotesque’ and a description of abandoned paintings found is ‘grottos’ (caves) in late 15th century Rome. The anatomical design, which partially shields the wearers features, mimics the distortion of self-image that commonly takes place during these episodes. The Ribcage piece is made from an air-dry clay, reinforced with boning and sprayed with a metallic silver paint; the piece is finished with silver chains functioning as the ‘ribs’. The heart design is made from a beanie which was reconstructed and accessorised with blue and red acrylic yarn as the veins and arteries, the edges of the cut outs were finished with a bone white yarn and designed in the shape of the heart’s main ‘body’.

Textile Art
20cm x 25cm x 42cm
(L x W x H)



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