Bachelor of Creative Arts - Visual Arts
Star of the show
by Olive Cribbes
My work explores the relationship between queer identity, mental illness, and normative art practices in sculptural, mixed-media form.
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About this work
The work I have used reflects the queer experience alongside mental illness and norms present in society. Queer experience represents not only being queer in sexuality, but queer in thought and practice. Going against the grain through sexuality, clothing, thoughts, and everyday life can lead to distress in some individuals. The perfectly shaped shiny-star once indicated ‘normal’. However, once I began to ‘queer’ it the focus changed entirely. The black star represents once being regular, but also a little broken. The layers of colour and decorative embellishments display a unique and vulnerable representation of being ‘queer’ in a society that pushes for uniform. And that there is colour amongst the darkness. The plasticine sculptures are not representative of anything we see in the world. They present as quite odd and strange compared to the conformity that we are often surrounded with. The fabric, beads, pom poms, stick-on gems, spray-painted candy, glitter, and confetti bring brightness to the work, symbolising someone who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd.
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