Bachelor of Creative Arts - Visual Arts
Thou women shalt do as they please
by Shanagh Bridgeman-McCoy
Shanagh Bridgeman-McCoy is an artist who combines traditional painting media with contemporary and thought-provoking viewing methods. Her work Thou women shalt do as they please is a mixed-media work featuring gouache, acrylic, ink, pastel, and three-dimensional objects. The assemblage nature of the work challenges conventional viewing methods by expanding the work outside of the frame; bringing the story to life and encourages viewers to implicate themselves in the narrative.
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About this work
Thou women shalt do as they please explores gender bias and misogyny within male-dominated religions. The work uses the story of Adam and Eve to examine the tendency for religious structures to place false standards and unfair labels on women’s sexuality – thereby normalising a modernised gender disparity. Thou women shalt do as they please is research-led and is influenced by continuing contemporary debates around the laws and culture still governed by Christianity and conservative religious groups. The work aims to uncover and critique the origin of sexism and the roots of the patriarchy, subtly criticising religion by rewriting the creation of humankind through visual means. The motivation for this is to revive the days of the ancient matriarchal society, where women were empowered not silenced.


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