Bachelor of Creative Arts - Visual arts
Troll/Keyboard Warrior (2021)
by Daniel Owen
Daniel Owen (1974-) is a Melbourne based visual artist working in sculpture, installation, painting and drawing based disciplines. More recently, Daniel’s work has looked to draw these disciplines together to produce work relating to an ongoing preoccupation that discusses the digital world, physical world, connection and disconnection. It is a theme linked in relation to the pandemic imposed, human saturation in the digital realm and its takeover of the physical every day. Daniel has exhibited work in group exhibitions in Melbourne and abroad both individually, in collaboration with and for other artists.
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About this work
Spewing out hate and reeking of entitlement, the Keyboard Warrior, trolls the digital world from behind the safety of an impenetrable shield. A character of the digital world commonly found purveying negativity in the comments section of media platforms on the internet. Approach with caution; May present differently in reality

Sculpture; e-waste, steel, acrylic
L 580 X W 580 X H 370mm



ACA397 AT1 - Daniel Owen - Troll artwork image
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