Bachelor of Creative Arts - Visual arts
by Reuben Macdougall Di Manno
Reuben Macdougall Di Manno is a contemporary dancer and emerging artist living in Naarm/Melbourne. He grew up dancing on Dja Dja Wurrung land in central Victoria and is studying his final year of a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance). He takes his inspiration from post-modernist dance as well as the contemporary practitioners who he dances with. Until a practice emerges more definitively, he is going with “Reuben’s works are often representations of the creative process”. He has recently realised the importance of improvisation to his practice, and of engaging with other dancers.
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About this work
Generationz is a semi-durational improvisation piece emerging from an interest in artificial intelligence. Specific digital tools – as well as the Internet as a whole – generate content in a fundamentally new way. It is iterative, grassroots, and while it reflects evolutionary principles, each ‘generation’ of content lives and dies at lightning speed. A cohort of emerging artists have grown up with the Internet omnipresent in their lives, and Generationz takes its place in this emerging field of young artists. These processes are used to create a defiantly minimalist and analogue performance.


A 45-minute improvised dance work.



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