Bachelor of Creative Arts - Visual arts
Resurection 2100
by Tiana Vrdoljak
Tiana is a digital artist and animator. Tiana uses dystopian fictional landscapes and characters to engage with modern day issues such as climate change, human rights issues, corporate corruption and technological misuse and exploitation. Her signature style draws heavily on the use of neon ‘Vaporwave’ colours for a futuristic feel.
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About this work
Resurrection 2100 is an audio comic book experience. The story itself is set in the year 2100. The main protagonist Lucia is plagued by her own personal problems while the fate of the world outside grows more and more questionable. Corrupt government officials control majority of the world’s wealth and society is divided into districts based on social class and status. All the while, nobody’s dealt with that whole Global Warming issue either! Sound familiar? It should. Resurrection 2100 is a feminine take on loosing friends and spiralling out of control in Dystopia. It is ultimately a story about relationships, escapism and addiction. It’s about running away from our problems and hiding in a fantasy world where there are no real resolutions to your issues, only a temporary escape. Enjoy the first 28 pages of the story! And plug in your headphones for a more immersive experience.

Audio Comic Strip
1.2 square meter



Resurrection 2100
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