Bachelor of Creative Arts - Drama


by Sarah Sunderstrom Memorial Theatre Group
A former talk show host, stuck between life and death. Will she continue to hold onto the life she once had or will she let go of the past?
Amaris Andrew
Mars Andrew is a Melbourne based performer, and maker, with a passion for both musical theatre and abstract works. They have a wide range of performing experience, including the Young Australian Broadway Chorus (2013-2016), and Fab Nobs Theatre (2017, 2018). They’re currently undertaking their Bachelor of Creative Arts: Drama at Deakin University, where they’ve been defining their practice through collaboratively engaging with their peers. Mars has a passion for both interpreting existing works, and conceptualizing new work, which is informed by their original ensemble works through Deakin University, including their most recent work on A Midsummer’s Nightmare (2022), as well as prospective opportunities in performing at their local theatre.
Sarah Sunderstrom
Sarah Sundstrom is a Melbourne based actor, designer and maker with over ten years of experience on and behind the stage. She specialises in period pieces in both acting and costume, set and prop design. Sarah has most recently been in two productions on Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ as Egeus and Tom Snout with Bust co and as Oberon with MLOC, as well as working as the costume team leader on Bustco’s ‘Twisted’ and ‘Medea’. Sarah is in her third year at Deakin University studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Drama and completing an internship in the Deakin costume wardrobe. Her technical credits also include working in the crew of shows such as ‘Guys & Dolls’, ‘Hairspray’ and ‘ThenAddams Family’, working on making the sets and props.
Nick Jay
In art, there is always more than one answer to any question. Any question. In a conversation, I would rather ask someone what their opinions are, rather than explain my own, and what could possibly be a better way to do that than to ask questions of an entire audience, all at once? My performances mostly feature interactive stories because I believe that any interesting discussion of a topic considers multiple points of view; yours included. Using this interactive form, I aim to place accountability firmly back in the hands of audiences. It’s amazing what you can learn about someone when you disagree with them.
Hannah Leeding
Hannah Leeding is a passionate Melbourne-based actor, singer, and performer, currently undertaking her third and final year of the bachelor of creative arts (Drama) course at Deakin University, as well as being an Intern within the Deakin wardrobe department. Hannah has been on stage since she was in kindergarten, and has had over a decade of experience singing, with training in choral music, musical theatre, and solo work. Hannah has also had experience in several high school production such as Munkustrap in Cat and narrating roles / supporting leads in Little Shop of Horrors, Aladdin, and Seussical. Hannah has achieved her Certificate III in acting for the screen, which presented the opportunity to experience being an extra on Neighbours, along with a number of short, student-led films.
Stella Tham
Stella Tham is a 20-year old transgender Australian actress and theatre-maker with an interest in absurdist comedy and breaking the fourth wall. Her works centre family history, retelling classic tales, and exploring queer stories from a variety of sources. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama) at Deakin University. Notable works include Creative Comedy (2021), BIRD: Dwelling in Darkness (2021), and A Midsummer’s Nightmare (2022), all of which break down a pre-existing text and reshape them into dark, absurdist performances with a strong comedic voice.
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