Bachelor of Creative Arts - Drama
Lost in Love


by Multicultural Thespians
A tale of three individuals who find themselves in a classic love triangle. Each is experiencing and understanding true love in their own manner. What follows is a tale of love, hate and loss.
Yvonne Lai
Yvonne Lai is an aspiring director, aspiring actress and dancer currently is taking Bachelor in the creative art (Drama) program at Deakin University, Aus. She has a Diploma in Preforming Art from Sunway University, MYS. She has over 10 years’ worth of dancing experience including hip-hop and breakdance and participated in some ballet theatre and musical theatre by City Ballet Ipoh, MYS. She explores the use of physicality to tell stories. To dive into the acting world using physicality, she involves herself in drama and film, to not just improve her knowledge on acting on stage or in front of camera and learn the process of making a theatre performance or a film. Her aim is to search for the possibility of creating new and touching ways of storytelling.
Aryan Arya
Aryan Arya is a talented young actor and director who lives and works in Melbourne. At Deakin University, Aryan Arya is a third-year theatre major. The artist has worked on several projects for other institutions and groups. Aryan hosted the Deakin television programme Munchie Melbourne and was active in several short films. Aryan constantly seeks to improve the audience’s experience, amuse them, and impart an uplifting message. He has advanced because of his unwavering dedication and enthusiasm.
Sarah Deering
My name is Sarah Deering; I’m an aspiring actor and a fourth-year Drama student currently studying Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama) at Deakin. In the past I’ve had the opportunity to work in some unique and enjoyable productions which either re-invented a classic storyline or re-imagined a character’s origin. Character development is one of the things I enjoy most about working in a drama production. From practising lines of a performance script, developing a new character including their mannerisms and characteristics, and of course working with other actors while rehearsing a scene. Another aspect I enjoy in this process is designing my character’s costumes, this has always been a very valuable tool to me, in figuring out exactly who my character is and has always helped me stay in character more effectively during a performance.
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