Bachelor of Creative Arts - Drama
The Time Tree

Theatre Performance
15 minutes



by TTT
An abstract theatre performance following the heavy effects of climate change and a tree that can control time, the work follows three unnamed characters on an impactful, intergalactic journey exploring how humanity and the world could change if there was only enough time.
Bronte Stone
Bronte Stone theatre performer and creator, studying Bachelor of Creative Arts at Deakin University. Born and raised in regional Victoria in a town called Mildura, her artistic beginnings started young as she was performing on stage by the age of three. Passionate about music, musical theatre and all types of theatre she hopes to one day add her voice and ideas to the world of performing arts. Growing up in the countryside she has always had a conscious heart for protecting the environment and a huge love for animal life. Bronte wants to create meaningful art that spreads awareness and starts a discussion about important controversial topics. She hopes to open up a conversation about these crucial issues through her impactful pieces of theatre.
Tamara Barton
Tamaara Barton is currently in her final year of a three-year degree in Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama) at Deakin University. She started being involved in the theatre at a young age and has continued to follow her passion for drama into both aspects of theatre and screen acting. She has continuously been involved in classes, productions, and short films. This year for ‘GradFest’ Tamara is performing in a collaborative group that has made an original theatre work. Tamara is interested in further developing her creative outlets after university and wishes to pursue a career in the acting industry.
Shyen Goh
I am looking for open beauty in the cracks. I want to inspire others to look at things from different perspectives. I like to explore surrealist styles that transport those who notice the little things into a world different from reality. It’s a beautiful thing to escape into something that holds a grounded meaning. There is beauty in an escape, the more I can explore, the more I want to share this with the rest of the world through theatre and film.
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