Bachelor of Creative Arts - Visual arts
Evolving Stagnation
by Lucy Rae
Lucy Rae is a multidisciplinary visual artist exploring an abstract approach through linoleum prints. Evolving Stagnation (2022), examines concepts surrounding change and permanence through two corresponding bodies of work. Together they reflect on Heraclitus and Aristotle’s work in this field of philosophy, visually dividing the linoleum printing process into twenty stages. These stages address the constant state of flux that we experience within the world and use both pattern and colour to suggest this as an artistic strategy.
About this work
Evolving Stagnation reflects on Paul Klee’s Colour Theory, utilising gradients of blue and orange tones. The gradual variation of colours supports and amplifies the concepts of change and permanence. The durable structure of the polycarbonate and the perpetual ink continue to build on these ideas; the polycarbonate, being transparent, scratchable, and light reflective, addresses ideas of change; the ink being opaque, holds its shape, speaking to notions of permanence. The two bodies of work in Evolving Stagnation are installed in opposition to one another; one floats, hung from the ceiling 5mm apart as a set at eye level; the other is presented as a stacked set, one upon the other on a plinth.

Lino Print
100mm x 100mm x 100mm (L x W x H)



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