Bachelor of Creative Arts - Drama


by Intentionally Provocative
An experimental performance work that ditches traditional conventions, relying on technology in the form of video projection and pre-recorded audio to create an unpredictable experience for audiences.
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Steven Christodoulakis
Steven Christou is a Melbourne-based multi-disciplinary artist who began his artistic output with screen performance and has slowly transitioned into the world of writing poetry. His acting roles in the BUFTA Nominated Short Film ‘Australia High’ (2019) by Oliver John, ‘Oops!’ (2020) an experimental short by Cassandra Tytler that saw a Mexico City Independent Film Fest Honourable Mention. More recently a supporting role in the forthcoming six-episode series ‘Single, Out’ by local director, Lee Galea, shows expansive growth in his acting career since its beginning in 2019. Steven recently released a conceptual three-act poetry collection titled ‘Cold Wind Melody’ that blends the mediums of writing, photography, music, film, and performance art, available for viewing at Steven’s writing practice is often informed by his obsession with the mundane beauty he sees in everyday life.
Dylan Laguerre
Dylan Laguerre is an actor/ filmmaker with a passion to showcase the social history and culture in cities around Australia. His interest in the creation of documentaries stems from high school media class where he further developed his filming and directing techniques before heading to uni. Studying at Deakin University for his Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama), he has also been a part of multiple professional film sets as an actor through feature films, short series, and has worked with mega corporations such as Netflix.
Evan Evans
Evan Evans is an actor, musician and aspiring content creator furthering his craft having undertaken studies at Deakin University, Film and TV Studio International, NIDA Open and Tanya Powell Model Agency. Incentivised by community inclusivity, he is proficient in livestream broadcasting which he uses for both entertainment purposes and mental health advocacy. Evan’s specialised focus is on vocality and audio-visuals, particularly incorporating technological mediums with a keen interest in undertaking voiceover/radio work, music production and video editing.
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