Bachelor of Creative Arts - Drama
La Boite


by Darcy Timms
La BoƮte is a performance that uses convention from all stages of the history of mime to tell a story of an actor lost in his craft.
La Boite hero image
Darcy Timms is a multidisciplinary artist, with experience in drama, music, photography, and even painting if you look back far enough, although right now the majority of his efforts are in drama. Darcy is currently completing a Bachelors of Creative Arts at Deakin, and is using this opportunity to further flesh out his own dramatic style. Darcy has always attempted to deconstruct the expected formalities and rules that come with performance, taking each piece of work as a challenge to be overcome. This leads to performances with quirks such as broadcasting audio to an actual radio for use in the performance, or creating a piece entirely in French.
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