Bachelor of Creative Arts - Drama
Third Class Carriage


by Nothing Yet
Board the train back to this Victorian period piece which follows three women divided by class. The piece explores an absurdist reality through lighting and movement.
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Maisie Borg
My name is Maisie Borg and I am an actor, writer, director, musician and dancer from Melbourne. I have a strong passion for creating dramatic works that take in elements of other artistic practices such as music and burlesque. I have experience directing my own works and collaborative works such as ‘Oink’ and ‘Syphilis The Musical’. I love to tell period stories and bring them into a modern theatrical space.
Victoria Duma
Victoria is a performer and painter who has an interest in a vast array of creative practice and enjoys working across multiple artistic disciplines. Victoria is in her third year studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Drama, and has an interest in acting, theatre, painting, and working with children. Victoria believes that life is full of adventures and seeks passion and fun in all areas of her life, particularly her artistic practice. Her focus is on beauty, life, and nature as well as non-naturalism, in which she uses an array of disciplines to explore whilst discovering more about herself and her passions that she can share with the world through her art.
Bethany Tardif
Bethanie is in her final year of completing her Bachelor of Arts (Drama) and is looking forward to what comes next in her creative journey. Holding a strong interest in the business and developmental processes of theatre, she aims to work as a theatre manager or film producer. During her free time Bethanie enjoys writing and creating short films for herself, often starring her family members.
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